The building Federation Gothic Style was designed in 1911 by Ricards and Heyward who also designed Hobart’s City Hall in conjuction with Raymond Butler and constructed by Seabrook, a family building company that constructed many prominent Hobart buildings.

Hopkins Manor is a narrow rectangular two storey red brick building with extensions to the rear in 2005 entailing a complete refit and completed in 2015 side addition entailing third bedroom and bathroom for both floors.

The site is spiritual home to Henry and Sarah Hopkins, the most significant Independent settlers in Van Diemen’s Land, arrived in Hobart in 1822. In 1824 Hopkin’s then 37 years old had become a leader of a small group of Independents. In 1828 a letter was written to the London Missionary Society requesting that a minister be sent to the Hobart Town. The site was home to the Brisbane Street Chapel being first Congregational Church in Australasia. Hopkin’s was known as the ‘Father of Congregationalism in the Australian Colonies’. To all causes that appealed Hopkins, he contributed with ‘princely liberality’ devoting himself to great philantrophic works.